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Uh, we mean Scoreboard.

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We aim to make bad writers good and good writers better. We aim to make you smarter.
First and foremost, we would like to thank S.E. Hinton for being an excellent writer, for creating a memorable piece of literature, and for allowing her characters to be used on a regular basis -- without her direct consent but with her blessing. Also, we have now moved into the Four Brothers fandom. Look out.

Scoreboard is an account held at FanFiction.net and maintained by Queen Jane Approximately and Marauder and the Q. Its purpose is to constructively critique writers of less-than-reputable stories, and to offer advice and information. Our nitpicking and obsessive-compulsive habits have culminated in this community, which we open to all who wish to solicit or offer advice/information.

- We are not above delivering harsh-sounding reviews, but there will always be advice.
- We do not flame.
- We are also not above outright sporking a fic in this community, and we WILL name names. You already know who we are. We're not hiding behind anything. We expect that you have posted your writing with full knowledge of the consequences -- both positive and negative -- and we will not protect you.
- We welcome anyone who wishes to either improve or offer advice.
- And at its heart, this really is a friendly place. We may be sardonic, and at times we may appear downright mean, but our goal is to foster growth as writers.

As for what may be posted in the community ...

- Essays
- Any sort of information which may be relevant
- Sporks
- Rants - (though we ask that you please limit yourself to only the funny ones)
- Questions/pleas for advice/writing that you wish to be critiqued

And remember: We wield the Pitchfork of Kismet and the Red Pen of Doom, but we're a funloving bunch. We're here to help ... We just plan to amuse ourselves in the process.