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Evil Cupcake
Velcome to Soda's Magic Counseling!
Uh, we mean Scoreboard.
Welcome to our corner of the Web. Where am I? you… 
5th-Nov-2007 09:31 pm
Welcome to our corner of the Web. Where am I? you ask.  You are in the lair of the Scoreboard. Fear it. Respect it. Honor it. 

This community was created by latch_22 (Marauder and the Q) and goodnitesaigon (Queen Jane Approximately) for several purposes. We maintain this place. You must join to post and we reserve the right to reject members/entries. Please see our profile for more information.

We will try to post weekly, but we can't guarantee that we won't slack off. However, we may also post more frequently than that. We just don't know.

Also, this is our community, and we may post off-topic things. Deal with it.

Come one, come all, and let the writing begin!
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